Pizza Ingredients

The quality products available in the John Daly Pizza Program taste great and are created for ease of operation and production. Programs are available with either Large or Personal Pizzas. The dough, sauce, cheese and meat ingredients that make up the fresh baked pizza recipes are some of the best available.

Fresh Frozen Dough Ball

  • Distinctive gourmet flavor profile

  • Bakes to a rich, golden brown color

  • Individually frozen for ease of handling

  • Frozen fresh to retain quality and flavor

Par Baked Crust

  • For high volume or quick prep locations

  • Great tasting Par Baked Pizza Crust

  • Storage: Frozen-180 Days, Refrigerated-14 Days,

  • Room Temperature- 1 Day

  • Easy preparation and storage

Pizza Sauce

  • Our custom blend, made with the perfect amount of herbs & spices

  • Produced from vine ripened tomatoes in the California sun

  • Fully prepared and ready for use

  • No cans or mixing needed

Pizza Cheese

  • A premium, low moisture, whole milk blend of real cheese

  • Diced instead of shredded for easy portion control

  • No soy or fillers added

  • Ready for immediate use

Meat Toppings

  • Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Chicken and Beef

  • No MSG, TVP or Fillers

  • Pre-sliced, pre-cooked and ready for immediate use

Gourmet Seasoning

  • Custom Blend of Seasonings

  • Made with Real Cheese and real spices

  • Great on Everything! Grip It and Shake It!

Nutritional Information